Bottom Loading Arms


Bottom loading/unloading arms are designed to be connected on the side or on the rear of the tanker and sometimes for both.

The fundamental advantage of using bottom loading arm is to ensure the safety of working personnel, owing to the workers are standing on the ground while operating, there is no threat of worrying some substances fall down from the top of the tankers.

Bottom loading systems create less turbulence in the tank, reducing the danger of generating static electricity. It not only reduces vapors, which can be an environmental hazard, but this system can also be easily adapted to fully recover vapors displaced during loading. 

Speed is a key advantage of bottom loading because tankers can be filled faster and a number of compartments can be loaded simultaneously. 

Bottom loading islands are simpler and cheaper to build than top loading racks. You would save more because of the more loading capacity in a shorter time with less spillage and vapor loss. we offer a complete line of equipment for efficiently loading and unloading petroleum products, chemicals, and liquefied gases.

Basic characteristics:

  • Nominal diameter: DN50-DN200 (2″-8″)
  • Pipeline material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, PTFE lined, heating tracing, etc
  • Product seal: PTFE or other material on request
  • Balancing: Spring cylinder
  • Design pressure: -0.06Mpa-6.0Mpa
  • Design temperature: -196°C-300°C
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