Truck and railcar loading access gangway


Truck and railcar loading access gangway is specially designed to provide safe and efficient means of access between a loading platform and truck/railcar.

The principle is a four-bar mechanism, parallelogram-shaped, keeping each treadle parallel to the ground during stair rotation in order to make sure that the operator standing upright while walking.

Over-turning moment of the stair keeps balance by spring cylinder consisting of several sets of inbuilt spring, saving labor during folding and unfolding operation. It mainly consists of the treadle, handrail, spring cylinder balance system, and locking mechanism, featuring novel structure, easy operation (by one person), reliable and safe operation.

The whole body is galvanized with nice appearance, anti-corrosion, and durability. The treadle is made from dentiform grid plate with good non-skid performance. Contact area employs oil-resistant rubber part to prevent from the spark caused by the collision. The maximum design load is more than 150kg.

Truck and railcar loading access gangway features:

  1. Fully balanced self-leveling steps to automatically adjust to varying tanker heights
  2. Full galvanized treatment, anti-corrosion, rust-proof and durable.
  3. Safety handrails and knee guards fitted as standard
  4. Hinged safety step to protect against accidentally trapping toes
  5. Pull-rope to assist returning stairs to ‘parked’ position
  6. Vertical locking device (optionally offset) for ‘parked’ position with the foot-pedal release
  7. Extended outboard step to provide additional area and stability, for stepping onto the tanker top
  8. Rubber bumper to prevent sparking and reduce risk of tanker damage

features of folding stairs


Safe access from fixed platforms to the top of a Road Tanker, Rail Tank Wagon, or ISO Container to:

  1. Inspect the tanker for safety and maintenance
  2. Load the tanker
  3. Check the load and take samples
  4. Wash or decontaminate compartment

Truck and railcar loading access gangway sizes and configuration as per below picture.

Our Truck and railcar loading access gangway have been exporting to many countries such as Southeast Asia, Pakistan, Africa, etc, below please find pictures of our exporting cases:

For details please download Brochure of folding stairs (84 downloads)

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