Loading Gantry


Loading Gantry Description:

Loading Gantry is one kind of assembling loading and unloading platform, it is mainly composed of platform unit, steel structure rainshed and accessory equipment (folding stairs, loading arm, heat preservation building, etc.).

The surface of the platform is grid plate and checked plate with several methods of treatment for prevention corrosion such as painting, hot-dip zinc, electroplating and other technological process.
Steel structure canopy is installed on the ground by pillar, or directly installed on the platform, the roof surface is covered with color steel plate.

Assembling steel structure loading gantry is the comprehensive operation platform which is equipped with fluid loading and unloading equipment for car and train, and is able to walk freely and safely.

loading gantry 06


Mainly includes:
1, Truck loading and unloading:

1) Single pillar truck trestle
2) Through-type truck trestle
3) Bilateral operation truck trestle
2, Railway loading and unloading:

1) Unilateral operation railway trestle
2) Bilateral operation railway trestle



Loading gantry type instruction:

loading gantry 08


ZQ—Truck       ZH—Railway


T—Through-type truck trestle

D—Unilateral operation trestle

S—Bilateral operation trestle


1—without rainshed  2—half rainshed   3—with full rainshed


Truck— no. Of the trucks operate in the same direction simultaneously

Railway— no. Of the units ( 6 meters for each unit)

loading gantry

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