Bottom Loading Arm

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Bottom loading arm features:

  • Application: bottom close loading/unloading for road or railway tankers
  • Service liquid: product oil, chemicals, etc
  • Nominal diameter: DN50-DN200 (2″-8″)
  • Pipeline material: carbon steel, stainless steel, PTFE lined, heating tracing, etc
  • Product seal: PTFE or other material on request
  • Balancing: Spring cylinder
  • Design pressure: -0.06Mpa-6.0Mpa
  • Design temperature: -196°C-300°C

Bottom Loading Arm Advantages:

  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Adequate horizontal and vertical range
  • Adequate capacity without excessive pressure drop
  • Personnel safety advantages – people stay on the ground
  • Reduction in static build-up during loading
  • Reduction in vapors
  • Improved loading efficiency
  • Cost savings relative to rack construction

Bottom Loading Arm Typical Types:

bottom loading arm goodlink fluid equipment

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