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Floating roof is the roof that floats on the surface of the stored liquid, rising and falling with the liquid level. It focuses on reducing the volatilization of the liquid in storage tank, the loss of energy and protecting the environment.

By installing the floating roofs to seal the liquid, the storage tank is able to reduce the temperature and achieve the goal to save energy and protect the environment.

The material include aluminum, stainless steel.

According to the types of storage tank, it include two kinds:

  1. external floating roof
  2. internal floating roof

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Aluminum internal floating roof :

Floating elements must be in the frame, and the length of a single pontoon should be ≤ 2000mm, to enhance the overall structure of the intensity of the floating roof. Floater diameter is Φ185mm.

Aluminium internal floating roof paired with storage tank which storage medium is volatile liquid petroleum products, can reduce the volatile quantity, and is conducive to energy saving, consumption reducing, security, environmental protection and increase economic efficiency.

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  1. It has high structural strength and more stability, meanwhile the structure itself can produce damping effect, which will rapidly reduce and defuse the shock wave.
  2. The new assembling inner floating roofs adopt the unique pontoons arrangement form, intensive layout of outer circle pontoons ensures reliable and smooth operation of the seal.
  3. The pontoons are extruded by aluminum which has no axial weld and reducing the possibility of leakage.
  4. Energy-saving effect is significant, up to 95%
  5. High tank use ratio. Because of the small liquid-gas space inside the floating roof, generally less than 100mm, the whole structure is only 300mm thickness. Therefore, compared with other structural floating roof, the storage tanker space is increased and the storage efficiency is improved.
  6. Simple and rapid installation, corrosion-resistant, easy maintenance. Floating roof installation uses bolted connection, no welding, especially for the reform tank; parts are manufactured by mold, with good interchangeability and versatility.
  7. Good safety performance The product design of the electrostatic discharge has perfect specification, no potential electrostatic hazards, and do not need to install welding to ensure that the use of safe floating roofs.

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Stainless steel internal floating roof :

Stainless steel material and with a orthogonal structure. That means, the skeleton of the floating roof is a well-shaped; the stainless steel material increase the overall structural strength, and extend the life of floating roof.

It uses a small cross-section pontoons, to ensure that each pontoon can go through the manhole, each pontoon is made from stainless steel sheet by rolling molding.

The outer circle pontoons are evenly distributed, thereby not only reduce the frictional force generated between the sealing tape and the tank wall generated during running of the floating roof, but also increased the structural strength near the sealing tape to ensure the safety of the floating roof sealing tape.

It is installed easily and rapidly with low maintenance costs; uses of bolted connections, no welding, especially for the transformation tank; spare parts have been achieved mold and standardized production with very good interchangeability.

The main material: panel- thickness of 0.5mm stainless steel coil; frame- bending forming stainless steel , support legs- stainless steel tube, pontoons- rolling stainless steel plate. Sealing tape according to the different storage media, use the appropriate form of tape and materials, common types include tongue-shaped and capsule-type, materials are nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, fluorine rubber,etc

Floating roof application:

Suitable for storing volatile oil such as gasoline, light diesel oil, crude oil etc, and chemical medium such as alcohols, benzene, etc

Each internal floating roof is customized. Therefore, please send us specific technical data and requirements as below:

  1. Tank diameter
  2. Tank height
  3. Stored product
  4. Seal requirements

Please send your inquiry to our email: [email protected] or [email protected], we will reply you within 12 hours.

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