Swivel Joints for Loading Arms

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Swivel joints for loading arms—as the most important part of the loading arm, our swivel joints are produced in strict accordance with German technology and drawings, with reasonable design, flexible rotation, good sealing, can adapt to the more harsh environment.

Swivel joints mainly include the inner ring, outer ring, flange, the main seal, raceway seal, steel ball and bolts and other components.

swivel joints for loading arms

Structural features of swivel joints for loading arms:

  1. With double roller sealing structure, the inner and outer ring raceway adopts high precision bearing rotation structure.
  2. Separate medium and raceway seals, and are designed with a sealed condition check and lubricate grease injection hole.
  3. According to the use characteristics of swivel joints, as per German original drawings, swivel joint inner ring materials are made of stainless steel, outer ring materials use stainless steel or high-quality alloy steel (30CrMo) quenching and tempering treatment forgings.
  4. The O-ring with “C” -shaped PTFE material to ensure that the swivel joint dynamic seal surface is not corrosion, but also to ensure the strength of the swivel joint, making it a reliable use, maintenance cycle and long service life and so on.
  5. Main sealing ring, basic material PTFE is added with self-lubricating material and wear-resistant material, and inner is continuous skeleton shrapnelmade of imported high-elastic stainless steel (1.4310) by stamping process,which make the swivel joint seal lasting and reliable.
  6. Swivel joints body can be removed on the site, easy maintenance.

Swivel joints for loading arms main processing technology:

  1. According to the standard technical requirements, the material of inner ring is thick-walled stainless steel tube, the material of outer ring is SS or quenched and tempered 30CrMo forging. And all the materials are purchased from the regular factory with MTC and be re-inspected in factory.
  2. The inner and outer rings are machined on a CNC lathe according to standard procedures.
  3. Inner ring sealing end is grinding to improve the finish and sealing.
  4. Clean and assemble and install high quality lithium grease as required.

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